Considering Adopting a Labradoodle?

This is a free course! Navigate the labradoodle terminology, create a screening checklist and your puppy preferences

Health, Genetics & Screening

8 Categories of Parental Health Screening - essential to avoid buying or breeding, an Affected puppy.

Preparing for a Australian Cobberdog.

Awaiting Arrival for Australian Cobberdog? How Exciting - let's get ready.. You need to be a member to get access.

Poisonous Foods

Many humans foods are dangerous to dogs and even life threatening. Understand symptoms, prognosis and treatment plan.

Pups Behaving Badly

Do you have a Chaser, Dasher, Destroyer, Mouther, Clowner, Fearer or perhaps a Muffler? Diagnosis and training tips.

Introducing Your Puppy to Your Life

Introducing your puppy to resident pets, children, cars/trains and so much more!