Pups Behaving Badly

We have shared thousands of years enjoying the company of dogs, they are loyal, affectionate and are known to be Man’s best friend… but what happens when Pup’s antics are getting out of control?


Is puppy barking the night away? Or maybe dragging you around the block on what should be a peaceful walk? Then this is the material you need!


Pups Behaving Badly has been designed as a way of providing the new pet owner with the tools and information needed to understand why Pup is acting a certain way and how, with training and patience can help their dogs overcome those behaviours letting them become the perfect pet they always dreamed of having


We have prepared 21 downloadable handouts  to help you overcome your puppy's antics in the Cobberdogs Resource Centre. 

 Is your puppy one of these? 

 and many more! 

This is our way to provide continuous support to families who adopted from us.

You will automatically be given access to Pups Behaving Badly course after

you have reserved for a puppy so you can prepare for its arrival. 

If you already have a puppy from us, you have been given access most likely. 

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