Poisonous Foods

If you're concerned the kids might feed your dog chocolate covered raisins, or you're worried your pup might sneak into your food shopping - this is the module for you! Join us as we explain which foods are dangerous to your dog and why. We've included information on the toxins and hazards, symtpoms, and necessary treatments. 

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Health, Genetics & Screening

In this course we will look at over 130 genetic tests available for different dog breeds and structural screening tests for hips/elbows and patellas.  Our aim is to encourage breeders to 'Breed Better'.


We believe, if there is a test available there really is no excuse not to perform it.

If you are looking for a puppy or are thinking of breeding your dog, information about health, screening and genetic testing is vital.


It can be devastating to take your new puppy home for the first time or welcome your first litter of puppies into the world, only to find out they are affected by a disease which is going to impact their life. Especially if the disease could have been prevented by screening. By ensuring only the healthy, best blood lines are carried forward, the quality and well being of future generations of dogs will be improved and we will start to reduce the incidence of certain diseases.


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