Confused with Labradoodle Terminologies F1, F2, ASD, and Cobberdogs?


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Labradoodle Breed

If you are considering to purchase a Labradoodle for a dog, you might be confused of the different types of Labradoodles?


This FREE handout will help you know: 

  • Know why Labradoodles look different
  • Tips when buying an Australian Labradoodle 
  • Know which type of Labradoodle is the best
  • Pros and Cons of buying a British Labradoodle 
  • Difference between  Australian Type Labradoodle and Australian Cobberdogs
  • Info about our Breeding Programme

About the Breeder

Lisa Joyaa Rose 

(Former married name Lisa Carson)

Breeding  Labradoodles since 2003. We export worldwide.